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Mugello by Bike

Mugello is a charming valley surrounded by greenery and nature, characterized by a wide belt of mountains and hills, this area is ideal for those who want to relax getting in touch with nature. And what better way to immerse ourselves in the nature, of a bike ride!

The itineraries offered by these sites are varied and suitable for everyone, from the simple "hiking trip" by bike, to trails that require special training.

We propose you the following routes:

Mugello by Bike: Among the towns of Mugello

This itinerary shows overall 37.4 km and is suitable for cycle-walkers with a minimum of training.
The road is paved all the way, it is possible to use any type of bicycle. The difficulty encountered is media and parts of slope does not exceed 500 meters length.


Mugello by Bike: Along the river Sieve

It is a route for trained cyclists along 40.3 kilometres. It has three kilometres of ascent with a gradient greater than 10%. This is excursion practicable in any time of the year.


Mugello by Bike: On the Hills of Mugello

Of great landscape value,  this route covers a total of 54.4 km, a distance that requires some training. The route is of medium difficulty, with features that affect slopes greater than 15%. The route is characterized by quiet roads and sparsely urbanized, is also excellent for training.


Mugello by Bike: On the footsteps of the great cyclists

The path length is not extraordinary (66.4 km) but it requires a good level of preparation. Inclusive of a double ascent of the Passo della Futa, this excursion is over 900 meters above sea level. Due to the length of the climb is advisable to fit on the bike light ratios (39/25).

The record of this climb was established in 1995 by Francesco Casagrande: 25'32'' 11.


Mugello by Bike: The high Mugello

Trip also possible in two or three stages, stopping in hotels, farmhouses, residences and campsites in the area. However, if it is decided to be conducted only once, it is advisable to have a considerable preparation and training, precisely because of its length and difficulty; the path fact has a length of 139.3 km.

The climbs are six to a height of over 2,500 meters, the slope never exceeds 6%, but its length (even higher than the 9 km) makes them particularly cumbersome.


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